A private investment firm focused on expansion stage companies with unique consumer product or business service offerings.

Financing Size

We invest $100,000 to $500,000 in companies typically raising $250,000 to $2 million.


We have a preference for branded consumer products companies, but are interested, more broadly, in businesses that offer unique, proprietary products and/or difficult-to-duplicate brands. We generally do not consider opportunities in life sciences, IT/software, digital media, and cleantech.

Company Stage

We look to invest in expansion-stage companies that have a proven product or service, an existing base of business, and are looking for a relatively small amount of capital (up to $2M) to reach their next major milestone, preferably cashflow breakeven.


We consider opportunities throughout the U.S., but have a strong preference for companies headquartered in the Northeast. We do not invest in companies based outside the U.S.

Other Essentials

A well-rounded management team with relevant industry experience, and a well articulated plan that shows that management has a clear understanding of its target market, its competition, and how to effectively market and sell its product/service.


Formed in 1996, Warbros is a private investment firm owned and managed by John and Michael Warburg.  We take minority positions in expansion-stage companies that are typically looking to raise between $250,000 and $2 million – in other words, companies whose financing requirements have outgrown the resources of “friends and family”, yet are still too small to attract the attention of traditional venture capital.

Our investment size is usually in the $100,000 to $500,000 range.  If needed, we can make introductions to other potential co-investors through our extensive network of angel investors and small venture capital firms. In addition to bringing in capital, we look to add value through our financial and marketing expertise, as well as through our contacts in a wide variety of industries.

We focus on companies with unique consumer product or business service offerings, primarily in the New England or Metro New York areas.  We generally do not consider opportunities in life sciences, IT/software, digital media, and cleantech.  For more information, see Investment Criteria.

Michael F. Warburg

Prior to co-founding Warbros, Mike spent the majority of his career in commercial banking. He completed the Commercial Bank Management Training Program at J. P. Morgan & Co. in New York and later worked for Bank of America, with the majority of this period spent managing “workouts” involving loan transactions of $1-20 million in a variety of industries. Through this process he became intimately familiar with the many financing options available to companies and the methods they can use to improve performance and attract equity. Following this commercial banking experience he co-founded a financial consulting business that raised debt and equity for small to mid-sized companies. Mike received his BS from Brown University and MA in Accounting from the University of Rhode Island.

John P. Warburg

Prior to co-founding Warbros, John spent several years working in the consumer packaged goods industry, first at Best Foods, where he managed major food brands, such as Skippy Peanut Butter, and later as a marketing consultant to a variety of companies. In between, he worked at Callard & Bowser (a small candy company later acquired by Kraft Foods), where he helped build Altoids Peppermints from a small, unknown brand into the #1 selling mint product in the U.S. Prior to these experiences, John worked in equity research at Lehman Brothers. John received his BA from Brown University and his MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business.


We have invested in over 40 ventures since our founding in 1996, including companies in the following fields (we do not publish details about our investments, but would be glad to share more information with interested parties):

  • Food and Beverage
  • Fitness Technology
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Equine Products
  • Fire Supression
  • Consumer Finance
  • Security
  • Printing Technology